Hi, I’m Daniela Molina, founder of DMA Fitness. I offer clients personal training services that are uniquely designed to meet your fitness goals. Training plans are goal – focused and consist of diverse routines designed to continuously challenge you. DMA Fitness focuses on educating clients on the importance of proper exercise technique as well as balanced nutrition.

DMA Fitness does not believe in quick fixes, it is about making sustainable lifestyle changes. The goal is to educate clients on how to make permanent lifestyle changes that will help them achieve sustainable goals, get results and most importantly maintain them.


My Story

I decided to pursuit a career in the health and fitness industry as my passion is to help, motivate, inspire, and educate individuals towards making the right lifestyle changes towards living a healthy balance lifestyle.

I was always active growing up. I was either playing outside or playing some type of sport.  I became uninterested in playing sports in my mid teens, and that’s when my mom introduced me to the “gym life”. Even though I enjoyed being active, going to the gym wasn’t something I looked forward to or enjoyed at the beginning.  Myself, like many of you hated the gym,  I was bored and unmotivated.  Lucky for me or unlucky for me,  I had my mom wake me up every morning and made me go to the gym with her.

It wasn’t long before I realized that the reason for not enjoying the gym was simply because I felt intimidated. Intimidated for not being familiar with the environment, being afraid of doing exercises wrong or using the equipment incorrectly. If you think about it, every single person in the gym was once a beginner, so there is nothing to be afraid of. You just have to have the courage to walk in and do the best you can and overtime it will become easier.

Change can be frightening, and the temptation is often to resist it. But change almost always provides opportunities – to learn new things, to rethink tired processes, and to improve the way we work.

  • Klaus Schwab

My Competition Experience

I started competing in 2009 shortly after someone presented the idea of competing. I took the challenge and after 16 weeks of dieting and intense workouts, I had transformed my body. A few weeks after my competition I gained about 20 pounds. I know 20 pounds to some people may not seem like much, but on a small frame it was more than noticeable. I went from having a six pack to “love handles”.  I was binge eating on a level that was uncontrollable. I would eat and eat, and never felt full or satisfied. When competitors deprive themselves and are on a very low calorie diet you have to reverse diet. Reverse dieting essentially means slowly getting your body used to eating normal, so slowly increasing your daily calories.

My post show weight gain was a very difficult learning experience that I don’t wish upon anyone.  At this point I was the heaviest I had ever been. I didn’t want to go to the gym, because I felt everyone was looking at me and talking about how big I had gotten.  I knew I needed to get back to where I was, but couldn’t motivate myself. My eating habits and workout routine were all over the place, some weeks I was really good and others it was non existent.

If  you’re not happy change something.

– unknown

Time for Change

I  realized how unhappy I was with my weight and knew I had to do something about it. I wanted to physically look and feel good, but most importantly I wanted to be healthy on the inside. I needed balance in my life without deprivation. A balance where I could enjoy a slice of cake or a glass of wine without feeling guilty or affecting my overall results. I took it upon myself to educate myself on the importance of nutrition and worked towards creating a healthy relationship with food.

Once I got my body back to normal and healthy I decided to compete again. Between 2011 and 2013 I competed in 7 different shows and made sure to properly reverse diet to avoid any drastic weight gain.


The Beginning of

I began working as a personal trainer in 2012. In the begging I had no intention of making personal training my career. I started because I needed to do something while I figured out what I wanted to go back to school for. I went back to school and continued working as a trainer. After earning my B.A in Digital Business Management in 2016, I decided I didn’t want to get a corporate job. I wanted to continue working as a trainer because that was what truly made me happy. I wanted to follow my passion and stay in the fitness industry.

In 2017 I knew I was ready to take my fitness career to the next level and started DMA FITNESS.  DMA Fitness is all about creating a sustainable lifestyle. Over the years I have helped many individuals change their lives and I want to continue changing lives. I have been through every stage of a fitness journey and I’m confident that I can help you get through all the stages of your fitness journey. I am here to motivate you, inspire you, and educate you towards making the right lifestyles changes. I want to help you make lifestyle changes that will work for you and achieve sustainable long term results. Hard work, dedication, discipline, desire, and balance are the key components in living a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Competition Stats

2009 – UFE Championship – 3rdPlace

2011 – UFE Spring Bash – 4th Place

2011 – OPA Regionals – 3rd  Place

2011 – OPA Provincials – 4th Place

2011 – Oxygen Model Search – 1st Place Tall, 2nd Overall

2012 – WBFF World Championship – 4th Place

2013 – OPA Regionals – 4th Place – OPA Provincials – 3rd Place

2017 – OPA Regional – 3rd Place

2017 -OPA Provincials – 6th Place


Daniela is a very knowledgeable, friendly, and reliable trainer. She has a balanced approach to fitness while pushing you more than you would yourself! I would highly recommend her if you’re looking for a personal trainer.

Marci Buhagiar

I had the opportunity to work with Daniela for about a year and I can honestly say that it was one of the wisest decisions I’ve made towards my mental and physical health. Because of her efforts, I’m stronger and fitter. I have a better balance and most importantly, working out has become fun. I highly recommend her.

Christiane S

Daniela, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation. With your guidance I have found my health, confidence and well being, Life is so amazing now! I have become a role model to friends and family and most importantly ,my kids ( I can now hold a plank longer than my daughter). Proving what can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and guidance. I truly believe I would have not gotten here without you. You were supportive, knowledgeable and inspiring. You knew exactly when to push me and when to support me and encourage me. Thank you for helping me get my life back to what I deserve.
Btw: I am holding strong at 175 lbs and now have a 31″ waist!

Bill L.

Daniela Molina possesses the total package for a personal trainer: professional, knowledgeable, confident, passionate, personable and understanding. Daniela understands clients; their needs, their lifestyle, where they are currently at and then focuses on the approach to meet their desired goals. Her overall personality drives her clients in wanting to show up for their training sessions. Her sessions are not hard work but a part of one’s journey to a healthy fulfilling life; it motivates her clients and creates a desire and enthusiasm towards training. I have been training with Daniela for over four years; she has enabled me to meet all of my desired goals and objectives. I eagerly look forward to every single training session with her with renewed enthusiasm and vigor.

Mervyn S, IT

What makes Daniela so different and refreshing is her genuine care for your improvement. She is realistic in the goals we make together but tough. She  guides you to achieve the best version of yourself. She pushes you and encourages you; Not just with work out routines but inspiration and motivational quotes to lift your spirit.  She gave me the confidence to continue this healthy life style and to work out with confidence. The training app is super easy to use, it shows my physical progress towards to my goals . It tracks every exercise I do which allows me to compete with myself.

Yontela , Dental Hygienist