Artificial sweeteners are used everyday as a sugar substitute that is low calorie. Individuals keeping an eye on their caloric intake often tend to purchase product that are labeled as sugar free. Most products that are sugar free use acesulfame, aspartame, neotame, saccharin or sucralose.

Low calorie, sugar free products with artificial sweeteners can be more potent than table sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. If you think about it, a very small amount of artificial sweetener usually substitutes the taste of sugar without comparable calories.

When you have sugar, you usually tend to want more. The same thing happens with artificial sweeteners – the more you have it, the more your body wants it. Not only are these sweeteners terrible for you, over consuming products with artificial sweeteners can result in overstimulating sugar receptors and making it harder for you to actually taste real food. If your body adapts to artificial sweeteners this can lead you towards eating less healthier and nutritious foods due to lack of taste and go for less nutritional value options.

I know cutting it out completely can be challenging and I’m not saying to do it, however maybe if artificial sweeteners are a big part of your current nutrition, maybe you should refrain from over consuming.

Remember balance is key, everything in moderation. A diet pop a day is not moderation. So maybe next time you are adding “ sugar free, calorie free” caramel sauce to your hot beverage you’ll think  twice.

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