Online Training – Premium Plus


This is a great option for people who are self motivated. You will receive an individualized program designed to help you meet your desired goals. The Premium Plus coaching program provides you access to fitness app, where you  can track your progress, access to your customized workout plan with video tutorials, and nutrition guide. This program provides intensive guidance with nutrition, and workouts. The coaching offers by-weekly Skype sessions to discuss training and video form check ins. Video form check-in is great for those looking to improve form and need guidance.




  • Custom Workout Design – You will receive a workout plan designed to meet your fitness goals
  • Nutrition Guide – You will receive a nutrition guide to help you make better nutrition choices
  • Weekly Email Support – You will check in weekly to ensure you are on track and make any necessary changes to plan.
  • Access to Fitness App – Full access to fitness app where you can track progress, access workouts with video tutorials, track workouts, and log in food.
  • Nutrition Guidance Plus: Thorough weekly macronutrient and food journal review. Extended guidance on making the right food choices to meet macronutrient breakdown.
  • By weekly Skype Call:  15 min Skype chat to discuss progress and address any issues or concerns.
  • Video Form Check ins: Video or skype – Check exercise form via recorded videos or live Skype sessions.


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