Client Highlight  – Ryan H

Why do we workout?

We all have different reasons, but one thing we all have in common is that we all want to see results in some type of form. Results can be measured in various ways. You can measure by how much weight or body fat you have lost, how much muscle you have gained, performance improvement, form etc. 

I’ve been working with Ryan for about year and the progress he has made, has been incredible. Ryan is one of those clients who always shows up and is ready to give 110%. When I talk about no excuses he’s that one guy that actually has no excuses. Even on days where he barely slept due to work or was sick, he still showed up and gave it his all.  His worth ethic and drive to continuously improve is a result of the progress he has made.

I’m really proud of Ryan as he has learned about making better food choices and the concept of balance and moderation. Ryan has lost over 20lbs and ran over 8 races last summer. Pretty impressive!  

I started a push up challenge which consisted of  3 sets of push ups, each set until failure – in other words until he drops 😂. We did the challenge every week for a total of 6 weeks and by the end of the 6 weeks he almost doubled his pushups. He started at 55 and by the 6th week he did 107.  I’m telling you he is one motivated guy!


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