Push ups 😉.

Here are a few reasons why Pushups are such a great exercise to incorporate into your workout routine.

1. Functional exercise: helps improve the ease with which you can move, pick things up, carry things, and overall #mobility.

2. Equipment free: can be done anywhere with your own body weight.

3. Full body exercise: Pushups #activate your entire body.
4. Helps build #strength: Every major #muscle group in your body takes a part in doing a #pushup.

If you are #motivated to do push ups, here are a few things to keep in mind.

🖐 Hands should be beneath your #shoulders. If your #wrists bother you try placing your hand on a set of #dumbbells.
🦵 Legs should be straight behind you so the balls of your feet touch the ground.
💥 Make sure your #abdominals are engage through the entire exercise.
🍑 Keep #glutes tight and back flat.

⬇️Now lower your body until your #chest touches the floor while keeping your body in a straight line.

⬆️Then push yourself back up from the floor into your original position.


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